Become a Volunteer

Volunteers have a very special and important role in the day-to-day operation of Serenity Renewal. They enable us to keep costs down so that a wide range of programs can be offered and more people can be helped than would otherwise be possible.

Volunteering gives everyone a chance to give back and share. It feels good. Volunteering, showing that you care, makes others feel worthwhile. For most of us, self-worth is something we had to discover, it wasn’t a given. You can help others discover their self-worth.

There are several ways to get involved, such as:

Special events:

Volunteers are the driving forces behind our mini-put, golf, bridge, dinner and other fundraisers. They canvass for donations, organize the workers and oversee the events.


In almost all of the programs offered our clients, whether it be for the youth, adults, couples, families or seniors; volunteers can be found as co-facilitators or fulfilling program support positions.

Outreach and Fundraising Campaigns:

Our volunteers act as ambassadors in the community to raise Serenity Renewal for Families profile and help build financial capacity during fundraising campaigns.

Get involved!

Send us an email with your resumé and how you would like to get involved. We will be in touch with you the next time we’re looking for skills and interests that match yours.

Contact: Michelle Tasker
Tel: (613) 523-5143